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Wichita wedding photo booth.jpg

Neon Flamingo's Photo Booths


Built to give the ultimate wow-factor at your event, the Mirror comes with multiple options available to customize your photo experience. From personalized start screens, animations, overlays and digital stamps, you'll be able to add your touch all aspects of your rental.


She may look retro, but this high-tech wooden photo booth is built to look great in any space and wow your guests with its fun, interactive features. Why compromise with a huge clunky booth that sticks out when you can get a classic, elegant Hollywood icon that'll fit right in?

Party Animal

The Party Animal is social media booth unlike any other. Users can send selfies, GIFs, and boomerangs taken by the booth as a text message directly to their phone. Simple to use, fun to create awesome photo with, and easy to share instantly online.


This roaming booth is built to migrate throughout your event and capture photos of everyone in their natural habitats. The Firebird is a great add-on to our Mirror and Party Animal Photo Booth packages, or as a standalone option for events that don't have the space or need for a stationary booth.

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