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Marketing Booth

Neon Flamingo Photo Booth works with brands in Wichita and the Midwest to curate unique photo and video experiences to engage consumers, collect data and drive their business marketing with user generated content.


Working with retailers, organizations, and hospitality outlets we develop on site photo and video activations and marketing campaigns to position the brand and raise their online presence.

Benefits of a Marketing Booth

Increased brand exposure and recognition with a fully customizable kiosk, user experience and the photos or videos taken

Increased social reach with instant social media sharing

Ability to track and measure the success of marketing campaigns

Unique and memorable addition to any event or business location

Higher consumer engagement and interaction

Opportunity to collect compliant customer data

Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

Added entertainment value for your customers

Create digital, user generated content - let your customers sell for you!

Potential for increased sales and revenue through upselling opportunities

How It Works

Neon Flamingo can create a digital destination for your customers, on site and at events, consumers can make a digital creation utilizing interactive technologies.


Neon Flamingo Marketing Booth works for your business by enticing customers to take photos or create cool videos using the booth's built-in camera and state-of-the-art software and is the perfect digital marketing solution for businesses.

Your Onsite Marketing Tool

Our innovative photo and video activation will give your customers a great experience, while doing the following for your business:


Save you time and money, creating marketing content, doing social media and marketing


Customer surveys to give you vital feedback on your business


Create cool user generated content for your business


Receive monthly event usage reports


Collecting compliant data - email and phone numbers


Run and promote promotions to incentivize your customers


You receive all digital content to use in your own marketing


Long-term installations with campaign updates to keep the experience fresh

Let's Chat!

Neon Flamingo would love to discuss your upcoming marketing activation. Shoot us a message and let us know about your vision and needs. 

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