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Case Study: Wichita SCHEELS Grand Opening Event

Blog Post Header for Case Study: Wichita SCHEELS Grand Opening Event with the Kansas City Chiefs Lombardi Trophy

The Challenge: SCHEELS, a national sporting goods retailer, was gearing up for their highly anticipated Grand Opening Event for the opening of their Wichita, KS store. Just a few weeks before the event, the Kansas City Chiefs announced they would be bringing their Lombardi Trophy to the SCHEELS celebration as part of their "Chiefs Champions Tour." SCHEELS needed an efficient method for guests to take photos with the trophy in an engaging and memorable way while leaving a lasting impression on their guests. The challenge was to find a unique way to capture the excitement of the event and gather valuable guest data to enhance their future marketing efforts.

The Solution: Neon Flamingo Photo Booth Enter Neon Flamingo Photo Booth, a seasoned player in the photo booth business with a reputation for innovation and top-notch services. SCHEELS recognized that the interactive and shareable nature of photo booths could be the perfect solution to their needs. They turned to Neon Flamingo for a creative and engaging way to capture the energy of the Grand Opening Event.

SCHEELS Photo Booth Backdrop with balloons from and Neon Flamingo Marketing Booth

The Customized Experience: Neon Flamingo Photo Booth offered SCHEELS a tailored experience that perfectly aligned with the event's goals. They provided two distinct photo booths: The Firebird and The Marketing Booth. Each booth had its unique features, creating a diverse and captivating atmosphere for the guests.

Wichita Photo Booth with SCHEELS corporate branding

The Firebird - A Roaming Delight: To ensure no guest was left out, Neon Flamingo deployed The Firebird, a roaming photo booth experience. A charismatic photo experience ambassador engaged with attendees, capturing their excitement throughout the event. This setup allowed the photo booth to travel from group to group, ensuring that even those who might not have ventured to a stationary booth got to experience the fun. The Firebird's ability to instantly share photos via email made sure that the event's vibe extended well beyond its physical boundaries.

The Marketing Booth - A Branded Showcase: For those looking for an eye-catching setup, The Marketing Booth was the answer. A stationary photo booth kiosk with a fully customizable experience, it was a perfect match for SCHEELS' branding needs. With a 42" display screen that featured graphics and short video clips, SCHEELS was able to display their branding directly on the booth. This booth became a hub of excitement, capturing photos of guests with the Kansas City Chiefs Lombardi Trophy and creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for football fans.

Sharing Station - The Data Collecting Machine: By choosing to collect emails exclusively, SCHEELS ensured a compliant and privacy-conscious approach to data collection. This approach allowed them to continue engaging with event attendees after the Grand Opening Event, nurturing those newly established connections. This data-driven approach provided SCHEELS with a tangible way to measure the impact of their event, track engagement, and create a more tailored experience for their customers in the future.

Example of data received from the marketing booth includes total shares, total sessions, and total views

Advanced Vision Analytics (AVA) Technology: Neon Flamingo's AVA technology added another layer of value to the experience. This powerful tool provided SCHEELS with valuable insights into their guests. They could now determine the gender and approximate age ranges of attendees. The total number of faces detected at the event and the average number of faces per photo gave SCHEELS a clear picture of their audience's engagement levels.

Example data from the marketing booth showing AVA advanced vision analytics breakdown of detected faces, average faces per photo, and men and women demographics

The Results: Thanks to Neon Flamingo Photo Booth's expertise and the carefully curated experience they provided, SCHEELS' Grand Opening Event was a resounding success. The combination of The Firebird's interactive roaming, The Marketing Booth's branded showcase, and the Data Collection with AVA technology created a dynamic and unforgettable event.

Wichita SCHEELS branded marketing booth with custom backdrop and balloons from

SCHEELS not only celebrated their Grand Opening in style but also collected valuable customer data through the digital sharing features. With personalized templates and a focus on data privacy and security, SCHEELS built stronger connections with their attendees while laying the foundation for future marketing strategies.

In partnership with Neon Flamingo Photo Booth, SCHEELS achieved their goals for the event, leaving both the guests and the brand with a shared memory that would last long after the doors closed on the Grand Opening Event.

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