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How early should I book my photo booth rental for my wedding?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Ahhhh! You’re engaged! Congratulations!

We hope you are having fun planning your wedding and enjoying the process of picking out all of the details that are important to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

If you’re in the throes of planning your wedding and choosing all of your vendors, you might be overwhelmed with questions on when exactly everything needs to be done and how soon you need to contact each and every one of your dozens of vendors. You may have even downloaded a timeline or an app to help tell you when everything needs to happen, only to find you're "already behind."

Over here at Neon Flamingo Photo Booth, we're personally not fans of anything that makes you feel bad during the wedding planning process. So if you're worried about where in your timeline "book a photo booth" needs to happen, keep on reading because we're about to drop some ✨helpful✨ knowledge.

There is a part of the planning process that is "too early" to book a photo booth. And this shouldn't surprise you, but it's before you've finalized your date. Yep, if you don't have a date, we can't lock you in the schedule.

But what if I'm not sure about my venue? This is actually a bit more flexible. If you're totally 100% locked in to your date but a little more iffy on the location, we can still reserve you on our schedule. We've had couples change venues on us before (with plenty of notice!) and it works out A-OK. Just make sure your venue meets the space requirements needed for your specific booth.

There is a time that is "too late" to book a photo booth. You may notice that on our booking system the next two weeks from now are greyed out. We do not allow last-minute bookings in our system. There's prep work we put in to each and every event to provide our clients with a top-notch personalized photo booth experience, and we just can't guarantee we can provide that quality on short notice. However, you are welcome to reach out to us through email if you've found yourself in a tight space time-wise. Sometimes our schedule allows us to make magic happen, but we definitely prefer as much time as possible.

That really leaves everything in the middle. That's right, booking your photo booth can happen anywhere between those two limits.

We know, this is very open-ended advice that borders on not-actually-helpful. Everyone's weddings and their wedding planning journeys are unique, so we'd be dummies to lock you into advice like "XXX days before your wedding you should book your photo booth."

What we have done, however, is go through last year's of Neon Flamingo Photo Booth's wedding bookings to break down the numbers for you.

To provide some perspective, on average our couples book their photo booth experience about 8 months before their big day.

What are the perks of booking so far in advance?

If a photo booth experience is on your "gotta have it" list for your wedding, booking early has a few advantages.

You'll have the first choice of booth options. At this time, Neon Flamingo Photo Booth offers a selection of a few booths and only has one of each kind. If the specific booth you're wanting is booked, you'll be left to choose another option. By booking early, you'll have peace of mind that you can book your first-choice booth.

It's only $150 up front to reserve your date. One payment up front books your date before it can get snatched up, and the remainder of your balance isn't due until two weeks before your event. Booking in advance gives you the flexibility to either pay your balance early, spread payments out over time, or pay at the due date. All three of these options are cool with us. and it makes it easy for you to fit a photo booth rental in whatever way makes the most sense to your wedding budgeting strategy.

You lock in your package at the current pricing. To put it frankly, we're eventually going to have to raise our prices. Much like everything in our current economy, our costs to operate our business have gone up. Lucky for you, when you book determines the price you pay, not the date we provide the experience. So booking early has the potential to save you money on your service.

Is it bad if I wait until closer to my date to book?

It's no problem at all! If we have the booth availability, we're more than excited to come be a part of your day. So again, don't worry or feel like you're "behind" whatever timeline wedding planning has put you on. Photo Booths are fun, so booking ones shouldn't be stressful!

If you're in the Wichita or south-central Kansas area and thinking about booking a photo booth, check out our booths, packages, and availability here.

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