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Seven tips for creating the perfect template

Before the photo-taking shenanigans take place, you will have the opportunity to customize a photo template unique to you and your event. If you want to put a little thought into your decision making when it comes to crafting the best template, check out these seven tips to help seamlessly guide you through the process.

1. Choose the template size


For any photo booth rental that includes physical prints, the templates are available in two sizes: 4”x6” or 2”x6” strips.

Awesome wedding DJ holds "Trophy Wife" photo booth prop in front of sparkly rose gold sequin backdrop
4"x6" template with one landscape photo

Group of friends enjoying fun photo booth experience together in front of sparkly rose gold sequin backdrop
2"x6" photo strip with 4 landscape photos

The 4”x6” prints provide more space for designs, text, logos, and larger photos. The 2”x6” strips provide a fun, nostalgic photo booth feel to your rental experience.


For rentals that include digital only photos, more options are available. Without the restrictions of paper size, digital photos templates can be created in a variety of dimensions and are a great choice for social media applications. We’re a fan of templates that are accurately sized and ready to be easily uploaded to instagram, facebook, and tiktok.

Mother and daughter using GIF photo booth to take a selfie at a birthday party
Square photo template for Instagram

2. Choose the photo orientation

The photo booth camera can be oriented in either portrait or landscape mode. Either option works on all of Neon Flamingo’s Photo Booths, it just comes down to your preference and what look you’d like to achieve with your photos.

What photo orientation should I use for my photo booth

3. Choose the number of photos

Our templates can include up to four photos per session. From our event experience, we’ve noticed some trends occur with each of the options for number of photos

One photo

  • great for having one large, easy-to-see picture with text or logos

  • keeps the line moving quickest

  • works well for photo takers with short attention spans (kids, inebriated guests, animals, etc.)

Two photos

  • photos are still fairly large on template with text or logos

  • line still moves quick

  • photo takers often come back for multiple sessions with different groups = variety

Three photos (most popular option)

  • can fit a good balance of pictures/text/logos on template

  • line can build up waiting for each session to end

  • more photos leads to photo takers opting for a medley of poses in each picture

Four photos

  • photos take up entire template; text and logos will have to be smaller

  • causes a line to form - not recommended for events with large crowds

  • photo takers will opt to take pictures with larger groups and usually act goofier in each subsequent photo

4. Choose the template orientation

Once you’ve chosen your template size, photo orientation, and number of photos, the orientation of your template is just your preference on how you’d like everything to fit together for your final look.

5. Select your design

Our online template selector within your client portal has 100s of design options to choose from. From rustic to boho to elegant to colorful, we have options to fit any style. You can scroll through them all to pick one that matches your aesthetic.

Note: once you pick a template in your client portal, you will not be able to go back and change your selection yourself. If you would like to choose a different template or make any changes, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to reset the portal for you.

With many of the designs, the color palette is available to be customized to your liking. You can use the color picker in the portal, or type in your own Hex Codes if you already know them.

Neon Flamingo Photo Booth client portal template chooser with customatization options

We also have the ability to add additional design features to your template. You are welcome to include any requests in the comments and we will work our magic to make your template one-of-a-kind just for you.

Three photo booth template options with 2 pictures each and sunflowers on border
Options for clients that wanted to include sunflowers on their template

6. Customize your text

Names, dates, hashtags, logos, inside jokes… we can do it all. Just let us know what all you’d like to see on your template, and we’ll be sure to include it.

2"x6" Photo Strip with 3 landscape photos for Vacation Bible School event
Template with VBS logo and event text

7. Leave the rest to us

Once you do all the hard work selecting your choices, we’ll create a mock-up of your design. From there, you’ll be able to see how it looks and make any final changes. Once your template is exactly how you want it, we’ll load it into the photo booth for use at your event. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Ready to book your Wichita, Kansas photo booth rental? Check your date here.

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