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Wichita Society of Professional Engineers' BBQ Bingo Night: Championing STEM Education

In the heart of Wichita, at Distillery 244, a significant gathering unfolded, marking another triumphant year for the Wichita Society of Professional Engineers' annual BBQ Bingo night.

Dedication to STEM Education

The Wichita Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE) has remained steadfast in their support for STEM education in our communities. Throughout the years, their fundraisers have enriched various STEM programs, molding the future innovators of Wichita. This year introduced a commendable addition; WSPE expanded their support to include Teacher Grants. With an impressive $36,000 gathered, $15,000 is allocated explicitly for these grants. This initiative aims to directly impact students by offering teachers enhanced resources. The grants, given in $500 increments, will empower a multitude of educators to infuse their classrooms with dynamic STEM experiences.

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

A colossal shout-out to the 42 sponsors who stood behind this event. Their unwavering commitment has been instrumental in making this event a roaring success. An accompanying image will soon list all these magnanimous contributors, but heartfelt thanks are in order. Their continuous support magnifies the difference WSPE can make in the community.

An Evening to Remember

Beyond the philanthropic objectives, the atmosphere was electrified with fun and camaraderie. Participants were treated to BBQ specialties from B&C Creations and delightful desserts by La Gallett. The air was thick with anticipation - for both the bingo game and the noble cause it championed.

As the event unfolded, the Hollywood Photo Booth captured the essence of the evening, freezing joyous moments in time.

The Role of a Photo Booth in Fundraisers:
  1. Tangible Memories: More than photos - they're cherished memories.

  2. Social Media Engagement: Enhancing visibility one snapshot at a time.

  3. Attendee Interaction: Bringing people together in delightful ways.

Looking Forward

As the curtains fell on the night, the lasting impact became clear. WSPE's commitment to furthering STEM education shines brighter than ever, promising a luminous future for Wichita's young minds.

Here's to the relentless spirit of Wichita, STEM education, and the collaborative future we're sculpting!

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