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2022 Wedding Bookings: Recap of this year's booking durations

If you're familiar with our blog, you may have seen our post earlier this year "How early should I book my photo booth rental for my wedding?"

This was such a fun project to look at the breakdown of wedding booking durations that we decided to run the numbers again for our wedding bookings made in 2022.

Average Booking Length: we saw a slight decrease in the average length of our wedding booking duration this year. 2021 couples were booking our services on average 8 months ahead of their big day, and this year that number dipped to around 6.8 months in advance. We experienced an influx of bookings after the July bridal show for fall weddings, bringing that average length down for us in 2022. Bridal shows and open houses are a great way to see our setup in person and get a chance to use it yourself, but if you know you want us, we suggest booking ahead of those shows.

Longest Booking Length: this year's longest booking beat 2021's number by 17 more days. We don't see very many bookings this far in advance, but the more popular wedding months (like September and October) do tend to get snatched up the quickest. Don't hesitate to book early if you already know a photo booth is a must-have for your event! We require a $150 retainer to secure your date and offer flexible payment options leading up to your event date.

Shortest Booking Length: our shortest booking duration this year clocked in at a whopping 19 days! This wedding ended up being a really special one for us, because we got to work with the wonderful Jenny from Blush Events. We hesitate to allow quick turnarounds like this (in fact, our online booking tool doesn't even allow events to be booked less than two weeks out) since there's a fair bit of prep work and planning logistics that go in to each event before the booth is even setup. However, we know that working with talented wedding planners and wedding coordinators takes a lot of guess work off of our plate when it comes to day-of logistics, so we're able to concentrate on getting all the fun parts ready to provide a top-notch photo experience.

If you're in the Wichita or south-central Kansas area and thinking about booking a photo booth, we'd love to be part of your celebration! Check out our booths, experiences, and availability here.

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