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Putting on the Ritz for Okapi Conservation: A Dazzling Success at Twilight Tour 2023

On a magical evening filled with glamour, wildlife wonders, and a touch of the Roaring 20s, Twilight Tour 2023 took center stage at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. This unique social benefit event, held on June 24, 2023, brought together animal enthusiasts, conservation advocates, and partygoers alike to support Tanganyika's exemplary care for its animals and future expansion projects, including the Children's Zoo area and Safari Park. With the Okapi taking the spotlight as this year's feature animal, Twilight Tour 2023 aimed to be as extraordinary and captivating as the very creature it champions. Adding to the allure of the event, the Hollywood Booth played a dual role, capturing moments of joy and creating unforgettable memories for guests throughout the evening.

Unleashing Glamour with the Hollywood Booth:

At Twilight Tour 2023, the Hollywood Booth added a touch of magic and merriment to the event. Positioned near the main entrance during Twilight Tour, the booth delighted guests by offering free digital pictures and GIFs to commemorate their presence at this remarkable gathering. Attendees embraced the opportunity to strike a pose, showcasing their enthusiasm for Okapi Conservation and the wonderful work being done at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

VIP Treatment in the After Party:

As the festivities continued into the enchanting VIP lounge for the after party, the Hollywood Booth was there to heighten the glamour. Guests enjoyed the privilege of the Hollywood treatment as the booth provided branded photo strip prints for everyone featured in the snapshots. The art deco-inspired template, adorned with the Twilight Tour Event logo and the majestic Okapi, perfectly encapsulated the elegance and spirit of the evening.

Unifying Memories with FaceMatch:

Adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement, Twilight Tour 2023 utilized the innovative FaceMatch feature. Guests had the chance to discover all the photos taken of themselves at the event, creating a seamless connection between cherished memories and a delightful sense of community. By simply taking a photo or uploading one on the microsite, attendees could instantly find and revisit their captured moments, fostering a strong bond with the event and its wonderful cause.

A Wonderland of Experiences:

Twilight Tour 2023 offered guests a mesmerizing journey through Tanganyika Wildlife Park like never before. Exclusive access to the park allowed attendees to enjoy behind-the-scenes encounters, close-up animal experiences, and delightful treats from exceptional local vendors. The art walk featured one-of-a-kind pieces that added a creative touch to the night, while the silent auction showcased incredible and unique items for guests to bid on, contributing to the fundraising efforts.

A Night to Remember:

The magic of Twilight Tour 2023 extended beyond its glitz and glamour. Special guest appearances by some of the park's beloved animals thrilled guests, providing memorable interactions with these fascinating creatures. As the Hollywood Booth flashed and snapped throughout the evening, it immortalized the joy, compassion, and camaraderie shared by all who attended.

Making a Lasting Impact:

Twilight Tour 2023 exceeded expectations, raising an impressive $122,000, far surpassing the initial goal of $100,000. These funds are a testament to the tremendous support for Tanganyika Wildlife Park's mission: to support exotic and endangered animal preservation and education efforts locally, advancing the cause of Okapi Conservation and beyond.


Twilight Tour 2023 was an unparalleled celebration of wildlife, compassion, and generosity. As Tanganyika Wildlife Park continues to provide exemplary care for its animals and embark on future expansions, the Hollywood Booth's professional-quality photos and engaging features remain as a cherished testament to the vibrant spirit of this extraordinary event. Together, the guests and wildlife enthusiasts at Twilight Tour 2023 have made a remarkable contribution to Okapi Conservation, bringing hope, inspiration, and promise to the world of wildlife preservation.

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