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Celebrating Inclusion and Competition at the Challenge Games After Party

We recently had the pleasure of being a part of an incredible event that celebrated inclusivity, competition, and the joy of coming together. The 2023 Challenge Games, with the theme "Compete Like Your Hair's on Fire," hosted an incredible after party celebration that took place at the Derby Hubbard Arts Center. The event was filled with excitement, laughter, and a friendly spirit of competition. One of the highlights of the day was the presence of our Hollywood Booth, which not only captured unforgettable moments but also showcased custom branding that perfectly complemented the fire-themed festivities.

Incorporating Inclusivity:

At the Challenge Games After Party, inclusivity was a top priority. The Hollywood Booth played a crucial role in ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, could fully participate and capture the fun. The booth's adjustable half-height setup allowed children and individuals using chairs to be captured at their eye level, avoiding the need for awkward angles or tilting the camera. It truly made a difference in providing an inclusive experience for all attendees.

Custom Branding and Fire-Themed Fun:

The Hollywood Booth embraced the fire theme of the Challenge Games with captivating custom branding. From the moment participants approached the booth, they were greeted with an animated front attract screen that set the tone for the fiery competition. The booth's backscreen featured a custom microsite showcasing a slideshow of the captured moments, adding a touch of personalized magic to each photo experience. The GIF and photo templates were specially designed to incorporate the fire theme, while a unique digital prop gave users the appearance of their hair being on fire, adding an extra element of fun and excitement.

Capturing Unforgettable Moments:

Throughout the event, the Hollywood Booth became a hub of activity and laughter. Children and adults alike eagerly lined up to have their photos taken, capturing the joyful spirit and friendly competition in real-time. The instant sharing capabilities of the booth allowed participants to send digital copies of their photos and GIFs directly to their phones, instantly sharing the memories on social media. Additionally, each attendee received printed copies of their photos to take home, creating lasting mementos of the fantastic day.

An Unforgettable Celebration:

The Challenge Games After Party was a resounding success, and our Hollywood Booth played an integral part in creating an unforgettable celebration. Alongside a pizza party, ice cream, a DJ, and an awards ceremony, the photo booth added an extra layer of entertainment, engagement, and interactive fun. The booth became a central gathering point, capturing the energy and excitement of the event in every photo.

The Challenge Games, with its commitment to inclusivity, provided an exceptional experience for all attendees. The Hollywood Booth's custom branding and innovative features perfectly complemented the after party event, capturing the spirit of competition and the joy of coming together. It was a true pleasure to be part of this celebration, and we look forward to many more inclusive events where we can help create lasting memories.

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