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Christmas 2020 - you can still include Santa in your holiday celebrations

We're pretty sure Santa has already put the entire year of 2020 on his NAUGHTY list, but wouldn't it be NICE to still be to take a picture with him and let him know you've been (relatively) good this year?

Luckily, that's still an option this holiday season. Neon Flamingo's high-tech mirror photo booth is excited to bring an Augmented Reality Santa experience to Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas this Christmas.

Combining the proven fun of a photo booth with high-quality, technical features Neon Flamingo offers, you and your guests are bound to have a thrilling, unique experience that will be remembered fondly.

This Augmented Reality Santa experience is available with our premium package, or as an add-on feature with the basic or plus packages.

Drop us a line at or visit our webite to book your event!

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